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The course ’Strengthening the Capacity of Civil Society Organizations’ (CSOs), 7 - 18 March 2016

What are the objectives of the course?
The course’s learning objective is the participants have gained knowledge of the role and potential of civil society in relation to the aid effectiveness framework and Danida’s Civil Society Strategy, and have acquired essential tools for NGO management, organisational development and capacity building.  

How is the course conducted?
The course will be conducted at a venue in Copenhagen (Denmark) providing a conducive environment for adult learning.
The participants’ own experience as will as the presentation of international experiences and good practices will be utilized during the course. 
To ensure that the outcome of the course is relevant to the individual participant and the home organisation, the course will make extensive use of action-learning and participatory training methods. This will be done with applying dynamic interactive learning methods.

What is Danida Fellowship Centre?
Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC) manages and implements the Danida supported Fellowship Programme, which supplies training in support of capacity development in Danida’s programmes and projects worldwide.

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